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Who are our students? 
They are Product Managers, Designers and Business Leaders of highly-innovative private, public and
non-governmental organizations worldwide.
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Get a solid foundation

Everything you need to know about Design Thinking and Design Sprints in one place with no sales pitches. Solid foundations on user research, ideation, and prototyping in fast-paced low-budget projects.
Get in shape to run your own Design Sprint.

Master Design Sprints

You'll learn two lean approaches to Design Sprint: Google Ventures (SPRINT) and The MVS, Minimum Valuable Service (THE SERVICE STARTUP). Master the agenda, methods, and resource management of both approaches, practice and gain full confidence to D.I.Y.

Get certified

Pass the exam (or join the Fast Track program) to become part of our global community of Design Sprint Masters. Started in 2014, this community has been steadily growing. It has Sprint Masters in over 80 countries already. Exchange knowledge worldwide.

Beyond Design Sprint Facilitation: 
Real product design skills, tools and knowledge.

We are a skill-building academy. This means we are not here to sell you on our consultancy practice. We are here to guide and equip you so that you can build your own Design Sprint practice and delivery strategy.
We pledge to educate Design Sprint Masters, and this means we teach skills and knowledge that go beyond workshop agenda facilitation and flow control. You will learn robust: Product Management, UX Design, Design Thinking, and Service Design skills. On the practical side, you will feel like sprinting with a real client.
We are an educational bootcamp based in Silicon Valley, not a consultancy firm.
Our founder is a designer, software engineer and serial entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience and six design books published. Our mentors constantly advise cutting-edge tech startup teams.
This means we have skin in the product development game, and this is reflected in the practical, inclusive, and no-fancy-jargons approach we used to build this bootcamp.
On top of it, our global community of graduate Sprint Masters is the most diverse and globally spread group of Sprint Master-peers you will find.

Design Thinking tools and concepts: 100%

Service Design tools and concepts: 80%

User centered Research: 80%

Product Management: 60%

Agile and Lean Startup concepts: 60%

Co-development with ideation and prototyping: 100%

How to plan and execute Design Sprints: 100%

Master the Design Sprint flow and skills.

With the skills you will learn you will be able to modify and create new Design Sprint agendas and flows that fits your needs. Often Sprint Masters need to adapt according to their needs and resources. This means making changes in the original process flow depicted in the original books or ever-changing modifications of it like Design Sprint 2.0. These hard-coded Sprint agendas need constant adjustments to perform in specific scenarios and with specific resources.
We teach a strong Design foundation which prevents Sprint Masters from getting stuck or having to conform to specific Design Sprint protocols. Sprint Masters should feel confident to adjust and modify the Design Sprint flow as needed.
Design Sprints and the principles we teach are a requirement for many design-related job opportunities, take a look at some of these opportunities at Jooble.

What you will learn and practice at Design Sprint School.

We present a balance of theory and practice aimed to build up your confidence and set you up to run (and sell) your own Design Sprints. Get ready to deep dive in one of our rich scenarios and design solutions using our unique canvas-to-canvas approach. This approach was designed to make your experience learning about Design Sprint a smooth sailing one. You can take as much time as you want to go through our Self-Paced programs, which usually students complete the course in two months. Here are some of the topics we cover on all our programs.

Sprint preparation + Challenge mapping

Self-paced time requirement: 6 hours.
Learn the foundational skills and concepts necessary for you to go beyond canvas-operation and get into the thinking of Design Sprints.

Concept: Foundations
- Why Design Sprints? 
- The need for speed.
- The need for Design
- Design Thinking foundations

How it's made: Funnels and Ecosystems.

Practice: Mapping the ecosystem. 
- MVS model :: The Time Machine.
- GV model :: Map.

UX Research + Consumer Journeys

Self-paced time requirement: 8 hours.
Learn to craft useful consumer journeys and how to frame the problem in a way to inspire the sprinting team to pursue it like a challenge. You will also learn how to interview users and profile them during this week.

How it's made: User research and consumer journeys.
- Framing the Challenge.
- Human Centered Research.
- User interviews.
- Shadowing.
- Ask the Experts.
- Personas.
- Service Ecology, Maps and Consumer Journeys.

Practice: Interviewing users and mapping their journeys.
- MVS model ::  Ethnography, Personas, Recruitment, user interviews, consumer journey.
- GV model :: Ask the experts, HMW questions, Lightning demos.

Ideation + Refinement

Self-paced time requirement: 6 hours.
Based on the insights gathered on week two, you will learn how to design solutions using both standalone and co-participatory approaches.

How it's made: Ideation and refinement.
- In-depth interviews (ethnographical approach)
- Ideation techniques (Swap and Four step sketch).
- Voting systems.

Practice: Ideation
- MVS model :: Swap ideation.
- GV model :: The four step sketch, Storyboard.

Prototype + Sprint Management

Self-paced time requirement: 8 hours
Learn how to prototype your solutions using cheap and easy-to-change materials. Also, learn best-practices on how to manage, measure, and prioritize the results of a Design Sprint.

How it's made: Early stage prototypes, design sprint management, ROI.
- Early stage prototyping.
- Managing/ Facilitating best pratices.
- Measuring Results.
- Building a prioritized backlog.

Practice: Prototype and user testing
- MVS model: Prototyping, Build backlog
- GV model: Prototyping, look for patterns.

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Our famous and carefully designed Sprint Master Toolkit has everything you need to run your own Design Sprints.

You will receive a Sprint Master toolkit containing all the canvases you need to run your own Design Sprints. The kit also includes two Sprint Master's guidebooks you will use to set up the perfect sprinting pace and never get lost when facilitating a Design Sprint. The Blue Book covers the GV model and The Black Book the MVS model. These hands-on manuals and canvases are a treasure you will only find in this program. They come full of tips and hacks giving you the confidence you need to run your Design Sprints.

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Tuition and plans

The Self-Paced
All you need to know to start your practice.

All-Access Monthly Pass to The Design Sprint School bootcamp.  In average our students take about 2 months to cover the content.

  • Two Design Sprint Methodologies: Learn Design Sprints with the Google Ventures'  method and Service Design Sprints with the MVS model.

  • Run a solid Design Sprint with our Role Playing game-like rich scenarios.

  • Access a library containing hundreds of completed canvases and prototyping videos.

  • A complete toolbox with checklists, canvas, agendas, best practices and facilitation step-by-step explainers.

  • A constantly updated library containing crash courses ranging from sales to facilitation and beyond. A unique source of knowledge containing all you need to know to set shop and dazzle your clients.

  • Access to our Facebook closed group where you can recruit helpers, exchange ideas and receive help from other seasoned Design Sprint Masters.

  • No risk! Cancel anytime. No need to contact us to do it.


The Self-Paced +  Design Sprint Master certification.

Everything you have in the previous plan plus become a Certified Design Sprint Master. Average of 2 months to complete the certification.

  • Graduate and receive our Linkedin ready digital certificate: It will provide the credibility you need.

  • Get two attempts at the Design Sprint Master certification exam. In average students take 2 months to be ready for it.

  • Pass the exam to update your badge from graduate to Certified Design Sprint Master, the industry gold-standard for Design Sprints.

    Get into our referral network - Only for Certified Design Sprint Masters. With hundreds of certified Design Sprint Masters sprinting all over the world the demand is high. We are always referring new certified Sprint Masters to companies and senior Sprint Masters in need of some help.

START LEARNING today and get certified!

In-company training. Train your team with the best in the game.

Our top sprint masters will train and certify your team anywhere in the globe. This package includes 16 hours of in-person training and additional mentoring hours. We can also help you kick-start your Design Sprint revolution by running the first Design Sprint with your team.

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Our community of certified Design Sprint Masters has collectively run over a thousand Design Sprints worldwide, and counting.

"What I valued the most was the rich discussions with the role group and the peer designing approach that gave a warmth to the program despite the distance, creating a proximity between me the peer and the mentor."

Servane Mouazan

CEO Ogunte, Coach & Advisor for Women in Social Enterprises & Tech 4 Good

"It was great to be able to interact, practice and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The learnings and tools I've learned at the program will help me in my current project which is related to the participation of women in a refugees-can-code initiative."

Paoola Sefair

Executive & Entrepreneur / Women Empowerment Advocate / Change Maker

"I really enjoyed the program, the content and the ability to practice along the way with a peer and a strong support from the mentors made all the difference. "

Jenni Philippe

Customer experience designer at Telstra.

Design Sprints proved to be a valuable tool for accelerating our early-stage, service-driven innovation initiatives. The Design Sprint School team and approach have been instrumental in helping us create the environment and the internal capacity to run our Service Design Sprints for internal Ventures and for running Co-innovation at our Cisco Innovation Centers around the world

Oseas Ramirez

Innovation Manager @ CISCO 

"I rediscovered the energy I felt years ago during Stanford's Ignite in the first design thinking training I did"

Ghislain Bourgin

Innovation Leader @ Fortune 500 Company (France)

"The Design Sprint helped us find an alternative business model and revenue stream and we ended up pivoting the business. Huge impact on our startup in such a short period of time. Business changing experience"

Nick Larson

Founder of a Silicon Valley based startup.

Our core team

Since we've pioneered Service Design Sprints in 2014 we've been busy teaching both the MVS and the GV Design Sprint models to product developers around the globe. Our diverse community of alumni Design Sprint Masters includes startups in Silicon Valley,  small businesses in Latin America, innovation powerhouses like Cisco in the USA, government agencies in Malaysia, tech giants in Japan, and the list goes on. The Design Sprint School is a direct result of these learning and teaching experiences collected during such complexity-rich and culturally diverse engagements.


Assigned Mentor

Our mentors are seasoned Sprint Masters with vast experience in running Design Sprints all around the globe. They are thought leaders and professionals coming from different backgrounds. They carry the Sprint Master Certification and are also certified by institutions like the Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) and other renown User Experience educational groups worldwide.

Student Experience

Student experience

Our Student Experience team is responsible for handling the on-boarding, on-going, and graduation experiences. They are here to guarantee all our students have the materials they need to succeed, as well as resolving any issues our students might have.

Tenny Pinheiro

Principal mentor

As the author for the program and lead mentor, Tenny is always present in the live edition to interact with students, challenge them, answer questions and coach the other mentors to make sure they do a great job in guiding our students through the Bootcamp experience. He is also in charge of the mentor reviewing process for the DIY program. Check his Bio below.

Designed and written by:

Tenny P.

Author, Designer, Developer & Serial Entrepreneur.

Tenny is a unicorn-maker (code+design). He pioneered Design Sprints in 2014 with his book: The Service Startup, Design Thinking Gets Lean (Elsevier). The book, published two years before Google's SPRINT, introduced the concept and coined the name Service Design Sprints. Tenny is a former Founding Director at Livework, a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, UX Designer, thought leader and author of six books on Design Sprints, Design Thinking and Service Design. His extensive body of work in the field include having planned, executed and mentored hundreds of Design Sprints worldwide. In addition, he was responsible for the creation of Design Sprint methodologies and Design Sprint-based acceleration programs for companies like Cisco in Silicon Valley where he lives. Tenny is also a columnist at the influential American Design blog Core77.
Most people teaching Design Sprints come from a facilitation/management/consultancy background. This is not the case. Tenny is an award-winner designer, entrepreneur and software engineer with decades of hands-on experience creating products from scratch.
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